Component and Sub-assembly Overhauls

Are your broken down components or sub-assemblies slowing down the productivity of your underground mining or tunnelling project?


At MTC, we help minimise downtime by coordinating and completing the repair and overhaul of a range of components and sub-assemblies including (but not limited to):

  • Joy Cutter Heads (12CM30 and 12CM12)
  • Joy Gathering Gearboxes Joy Traction Gearboxes
  • Joy 12CM12 Gathering Aprons
  • Joy Conveyor Assemblies (12CM12 and 12CM30)
  • Joy 12CM30 East/West Gathering Aprons

Contact us to discuss your component and sub-assembly overhaul needs.

Components & Sub-Assemblies: 

Cutter Head 
Joy Traction
Drive Planetary 
Joy Traction 
Drive Reduction